Journey to Health

These are pictures of me as I hike.

Warning, they are not glamour shots.
I do not wear makeup while hiking unless I
go in the afternoon, then I wear it just because
I already have it on.

This is also not a fashion show.
My hiking clothes are just old capris and a t-shirt,
anything I don't mind sweating in or getting dirty.

But, I hope you can see the transformation from the beginning
when I could barely make it 1/2 mile
to the end where I did almost 4 miles round trip
in just a couple of hours.

I will post more pictures as I continue moving, hiking,
exercising my way to health and healing.

June 2010

At the top in record time- Early July 2010

Salt Aire Early July 2010

At the falls mid July 2010

July 2010
Second set of falls- further than I had ever gone
About 1 mile up the trail

Early August 2010
On the trail to Timp Cave

Sitting on "The Y"
Sept 3, 2010

Hiking the "Y"
September 2010