Friday, June 15, 2007

Blog names

My friend is starting a Summer Reading thing over on her blog. I want to join her in this, but when I started thinking about where to post my reading lists, goals, updates, etc. I realized that while I have more than one blog, they are all work related and I didn't want to post this on them.

So, I needed a new blog for personal things like this.

Then I realized that I needed a name for this new blog..

My son and I started thinking. Here are some of what we came up with:
  • Crazy Tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life* but there was already a blog by that name.
  • I'm all that and a bag of chips (seemed a bit ego inflated to me)
  • All the rest
  • Dance of life
  • My life, my times
None really seemed to capture the essence of me (maybe that should have been the name- the essence of me) Then I walked into my bedroom and looked at the arrangement of pictures on my wall- my favorite activity by my favorite artist, Jack Vettriano.

Dance me to the end of love Dancing Butler The Waltzers

I used to dance. A lot. Every day. As much as possible. Every day. Then life happened and I married a man that can't dance. In fact, two left feet would be an improvement. And kids came. And housework and I changed my dance routine from dancing to music on a dance floor to doing the dance of life.

And so when I saw the pictures this morning I realized that I still dance. And that should be the name of my blog.

*lyrics to a Daryll Worley song that I love.

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Karlene said...

Love your new blog. It's classy, pretty.