Friday, July 20, 2007

another one

Ok, I really have gotten some stuff done today. I had a nice chat with my sister about books and I will be expanding my list of books to read to include some that she really likes and recommends. I started building my new webpage. I had to quit because I am tired and so I was getting very frustraded that the simple heading wouldn't do what I wanted. Then I checked my mail and there was another mindless quiz that you can take. Take it here.
If you take it over again, you get different logos in the mix. I suppose if you take it often enough, you could get 100%, but I don't feel like wasting that much time.

Now I am off to fix supper and finish sanding a table I am refinishing. Then I am going to bed early- 3 1/2 hrs. of sleep last night was just not enough- and I want to be well rested for Harry Potter!


Karlene said...

So, not to jinx you or anything, but what if your HP gets lost in the mail?

Sandra said...

So if I see a shadow lurking around on my street tomorrow, I should assume that instead of Wal-mart you are waiting to accost my mailbox?

Well, I got a notice that it had been shipped and if it gets lost then someone is going to not be happy. And I don't mean me Mr. Mailman.

The last couple that I purchased this way came early in the morning by Fed Ex. That was really exciting. No waiting around until 2 pm when the mail man came. So, I am just going to ignore your not-a-jinx. ;)

sharon said...

Jacob said our is coming UPS, and I wondered how they would feel about me showing up at their office at 4:30 am and rifling through all the boxes to find it...