Thursday, July 19, 2007


I just finished another book;

I was reading "The Edge of Battle" but just couldn't get into Dale Brown's books. I checked out two by him and when I found myself wanting to clean the bathroom instead of read, I knew that it was time to call it quits with his books. So I picked up this one.

It wasn't really a book that I enjoyed. Emelie is a very smart girl (well woman since she is 19 and this is set in the 1700s). Her father has raised her to be observant and to notice and experiment with everything and be curious about why things happen. But he has kept her apart from the rest of the world and so she know nothing about human relationships. Because of this she is taken in by the first man to make eyes at her and though her father and housekeeper can see that he only wants her land and inheritance, she believes it is love and allows herself to be seduced. It takes her most of the rest of the book to realize what everyone else, includng the reader knows from the beginning, her husband cannot be trusted, he is no good and up to no good and taking advantage of her. And it isn't until the last chapter that she stands up for herself and puts her foot down. I really did not enjoy this book very much, but was passing time until Harry Potter comes out. The author gets too descriptive of the husband's exploits and I really really don't like weak women. And any book that reminds me that men are scum is just not my cup of tea.


Karlene said...

I almost put that on one of my reading lists because someone recommended it. (Forget who.) Now I'm glad I didn't.

Anonymous said...

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Sandra said...

Go ahead and read it, Karlene. My sister just told me that she liked it and you and she are a lot alike. Maybe it was just the husband that I really didn't like (so much like you know who) and maybe that made me close minded about the book.