Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Moving forward

Change is all around and happening all the time. Just take a look outside today at the clouds around us. When I woke up this morning, it was dark and raining (that felt and sounded good). Within a few hours, the rain had quit, the sky was blue with just a few clouds in it and it was muggy, steam hot outside. Now it is hotter ad the clouds are building and billowing once again, and the wind has started to blow a bit harder than a breeze, but not hard enough to be a real wind.

I am thinking about change today, because I have applied to change my job. The new job would make more money than I make now and I would be contract instead of hourly and I would get benefits. These are all great things with my life situation as it is right now, (I am married to a not so nice man and would like to not be married to him in the near future). A higher salary and benefits would make this change go so much easier and smoother. But I have to go take an elementary financial test in a few minutes. I am not a math whiz, but can balance a checkbook, so I am hoping that it won't be too involved and scary. Anyway, prayers would be nice.

Another change in my life is that I have created a new website/shopping cart for my Urban Botanic business as well as a redirect URL for my UB website.
You can purchase unscented product as well as UB Signature Fragrance Collections from my regular UB site. However, I have customers that live farther away from me and cannot just pop over for a refill. So I have created a place to shop for your refills or I can create something for you. Or you can just head on over to my regular site from this one:
I will be adding products as time goes on, so that is another evidence of change in life.

Another change is that UB is adding new Fragrance Designers daily. Because of this, many customers are forgetting the part of the UB desgner address that comes after the last / (as in They are not putting it at all and just going to the corporate website, and then they are assigned to another fragrace designer. Or they type it in wrong and go to another designer's site. For that reason, I have a redirect URL that makes it easier to get to my site and you don't have to remember what comes after the /. It is: pretty easy to remember. Thanks to all of those family members that helped me choose what the name should be. I have also opted to start using this as my personal business slogan- Your Scent, Your Way.

Well, I am off, calculator in hand to take a math test. Wish me luck!

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