Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Robert Farrell Smith

Robert Farrell Smith is one of my favorite authors. When I was in the library, I thought I would just pick up one of his books and read through it while I was waiting for my daughter. I ended up checking out 3 of his books- The Trust Williams Trilogy- "All is Swell", "Falling for Grace", and "Love's Labors Tossed". The books are a quick read and nothing serious.

What I like about these (as well as others of RFS's books) are his tongue in cheek look at the world. I look at the world in much the same way. RFS just has a way of twisting words so that what could be grave and oppressing turns out to be humorous. example: "The future looked bright. I should have had my eyes examined."

In the first book, "All Is Swell Trust in Thelma's Way" Trust Williams is sent on his mission and gets sent to Tennessee. He really wanted to go foreign. He gets foreign all right when he ends up in Thelma's Way. For the entire 24 months of his mission. He gets a bit worried when he realizes that he is begining to care for the people and their quirky ways. This is not what he envisioned for his mission, but he learns and grows anyway.

The second book is "Falling for Grace Trust at the end of the World." Trust is home from his mission and brings home a girl from Thelma's way that he thinks he would like to marry. But how would a girl from Thelma's way fit into the real world. And better still, how can Trust save the ward from the man that is preying on their insecurities about food storage? And will Grace still love Trust after he tries?

"Love's Labors Tossed Trust and the Final Fling" bring us to the end of the Trust Williams trilogy. Cindy Cravitz lives her life in a romance novel. She believes that is the way real life works. And she has her sights set on Trust. Join Trust and Grace and Cindy as we experience the ups and downs of romance and find out if Trust will marry Grace, or will life turn out like a romance novel with Cindy getting the man in the end.

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Karlene said...

I haven't read these, but I have read one of his others, published under his alter-identity. :)

Sorry about your toe, but there's an up side to everything, I guess.