Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some Good news and Some bad

It's been that kind of day. Yesterday I got an e-mail from Pier 1 telling me of a 50% off web only sale. I went over and checked it out. Wonder of Wonders, the plate I wanted to go in my living room was on sale, for 50%0ff!!! But the shopping cart wouldn't work properly. So I called customer service this morning. It didn't work because they are all sold out of most of the merchandise that was in the sale. Shelly at Pier 1 told me that they had people online ordering by 4:00 yesterday morning. What!! I didn't get my e-mail telling me of the sale until after noon yesterday! Ah well, I will just go into the store and pay full price for it. Bummer, but I had already budgeted the full price, I was just excited that I could have some extra decorating money.

But there was good news today as well. As I have already told you, I really really want Covenant to publish David G. Wooley's next book in his Promised Land series. Well, to that end, every once in awhile, I call or e-mail Covenant and ask about the status of the book. I do this with the impression that if I bug them enough they will do something about it. (that could be any number of things: *ideally they publish the book *they tell me to go away and leave them away * or they just ignore me, but publish the book already). So, after I blogged about "Secret in Zarahemla" by Sariah S. Wilson, and so rudely interrupted the blog with a rant about the Promised Land series (sorry Sariah, please forgive me for not giving your book the attention it was due. If you haven't had a chance to read this book and want to, do it for your next book reading. It really is a good book and Sariah does the story justice), anyway- this morning I sent an e-mail to Covenant again asking about the status of book #4. This is the reply I got this afternoon:

Hello, We do have the 4th installment of this series in house. We are hoping to release the book in the spring of 2008.
thank you for your interest.
Linda Olsen,
Covenant Communications

Now, I used to work for a publisher, so I know that there are all sorts of things that can change, go wrong, go right, make a difference etc. between now and the spring, but still. There is a light at the end of my waiting tunnel!!

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