Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Part Duex

Second day of school and still there is a problem with te laminator. The good news is that it wasn't what Lindsey and I did yesterday. Whomever changed the top roll, put it on backwards and so the sticky part was outside, so nothing stayed laminated. The librarian and I went in and figured out how to turn it around. BUT when we turned the switch back nothing, nada, zippo no on light came on. So what did we do to make that happen????????? Then Lindsey comes in and we three are trying to figure it out. We unplug and plug, we jiggle, we move, we check-- nothing. Then I had to leave because the principal needed me to be somewhere. Later I found out just after I left, the did some more jiggling and walla, it came on and is working. Neither one knows what they did. So here it is-- We didn't know what was wrong when it was wrong and we don't know what is right now that it is right. But we have decided that next time the rolls need changed, between the three of us, we'll get it done.


lindsey said...

Yeah! We're amazing! I am SOOOO glad that we did it right! :) And I don't think that I am that helpful...just at the wrong place at the wrong time! ;) Just kidding!

Oh...we are REALLY glad you are back!

Anna Maria Junus said...

I wanted to say thank you for coming to my blog and posting. :-)

Anne Bradshaw said...

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