Saturday, August 4, 2007

Random Thoughts

Ok, I know, three posts in one day. I really could be in my kitchen moving stuff off of the table from where I piled it while I was painting. Or I could be sewing curtains for my living room. Or downstairs cleaning out my sewing room from the mess my child left it when he moved out and putting my sewing machine back in there. Or I could be cleaning out the garage. Or... well, you get the idea. Everyone else is gone and I just don't feel like doing much more than laundry right now. Here is a picture of the living room yesterday after I put the furniture back in.

I just wrote Trevor a 5 page letter. Mostly it was about a house in our neighborhood. Here are some pictures of how it looked last night.

Ok, now let me tell you about it. I am just going to copy and paste from what I wrote Trevor so that I don't have to re-type it all.

Now, don’t get too excited about this. The developer that bought Clarks’ land, has moved Clark’s house. It looks soooo empty up there, I am not ever sure where I am, no fence, no trees, no garden, no house. Well, he bought this house as well and was going to tear it down next week. The fire department used it as a training exercise instead. You should have seen our street last night. People coming from all over the city to see the fire. You could see it above Donaldson’s house.
While I was standing out on the porch watching (the kids were all up across the street next to Grace’s) the Carlsons drove up. Dave and Keven jumped out of the pickup looking all concerned and K’Ann put the pickup in the garage. Dave saw me standing out and started over, so I met him in front of Weimer’s and we started talking. The other Brother Carlson- the older man- came by on his bike. I told them what was happening. K’Ann came out of the house and Dave hollers to her, “It is just a training exercise!” K’Ann comes over all out of breathe and having a hard time calming down. They were coming from a movie and saw the smoke. The closer they got, the more it looked like their house and they were sorta panicking.(for those of you reading the blog, their house did burn down about 10 yrs. ago) K’Ann had just made Chase some tortillas to eat when he got home from work, and all of a sudden, she couldn’t remember turning off the stove. So that is where she went when they got home, to make sure it was turned off. Then after we chatted a bit, about this fire and theirs, they walked up to see what they missed when their house burned.

When Matt first told me about it, he came into the house and said, “Mom, they are going to burn down Collier’s house, can I go watch?” (His best friend's dad is a firefighter/EMT here) It took him 4 times asking before I realized which house he meant and that Merrill had told them about it and why. At first I thought he meant Huston’s house (they used to live in a different house, got divorced and later the dad moved into this house for a while) and I was really confused.
All the stupid people from all over came to watch. Dave told me that the line of cars stretched clear back to 200 N. I know that from the stop sign on our street, it stretched clear to Laudie’s, both ways! Jess said that people were stopping their cars on 1100 and getting out and standing in the street. One of the EMT’s had to leave on a real emergency and couldn’t get through and the people wouldn’t leave. I guess one guy wanted pictures, so he went and stood on the front lawn almost up to the picture window. Merrill had to yell at him a couple of times. I think just one look from Merrill mad would be enough for me. I wouldn’t go back for more.

Ok, just a couple more random thoughts then I am going to have to go, the kiddos are coming home from where they have been and need mom.

Tim McGraw has a new song out. He wasn't going to record it, then decided to. I am glad he did. Check it out here. This is just the lyrics, I couldnt' find a video for you to watch. But it is a great song and my new favorite by Tim.

Another song I really like is "Online" by Brad Paisley. You know when you hear a Brad Paisley song that it is probably not going to be serious. I like most of his songs, but this one is one that I just love. For a lot of reasons: My boys played tuba, I know so many men like him in this song here in Utah Valley, It is just really really funny.

Next song that I am liking right now is "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson
I like Kelly's version. The ending is different than Reba's duet with Kelly. Though for singing in the car, I like Reba's version. Mostly because even though I am out of tune, my voice fits Reba's a bit more.

Ok, I found a link to Tim McGraw's Song. I had to create a free account to listen. But it is free, so if you want to listen here, you may have to do that.

Maybe someone could teach me how to add video or slide shows, etc to my blog. I have seen some cute ones and want to know how to do that. I don't have anything to post, but who knows, someday I mignt!

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Karlene said...

I must truly live under that proverbial rock. One block over from you and I had no idea anything was on fire. What was I doing...? Oh yes, loading software onto my computer.