Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Serprize, Serprize, Serprize"!!

I know it isn't spelled correctly, I spelled it the way Gomer Pyle always said it on the Andy Griffith Show and on Gomer Pyle USMC. Why?, you ask. Because I just got the best Serprize of all, Trevor just called me from MCRD- Marine Corp Recruit Depot (where Gomer Pyle was actually filmed and Trevor is training).

At first I was a bit nervous about why he might be calling me. When Donovan was there, he called the first day and then the next time I heard from him was after leave when he called to tell me he was injured. But it was actually a good call this time. I guess the platoons are allowed to call home before they head north for their 4 week training at Camp Pendelton, but Trevor's platoon got short-changed and so they let them call today when they are back at MCRD.

It sounded so good to hear his voice, but I was taken aback when I heard that first tenative "Mom?" I miss him soooooo much. 22 days until I see him again. School is going to have to do without me for a week, because it would take more than wild horses to keep me from going to pick him up.


tawnya said...

when will you be here, again?

G. Parker said...

Sandra that is so cool! My son just enlisted in the Army reserves, but my nephew is in the Marines...sigh. I don't look forward to next summer when he does his basic. Take care!

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Oh Sandra, please tell Trevor how very proud and grateful we are to him and all U.S. Soldiers for the job they do.

Enjoy your week with him . . . 21 days and counting!