Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Everybody has a story

On the way to work this morning, I was listening to Johnson and Johnson. Tommy Johnson asked the question, "If you were on a talk show, what is the story you would tell?" He then proceeded to tell a story about when he was 18 and worked for an air conditioner company and what happened when he and a co-worker dislodged some dirt from a duct they were taking down and the dust landed in said co-worker's mouth.

I used to always wonder how the host(ess) of talk shows always knew the best question to get a guest talking. I saw David Letterman in an interview once (he was the one being interviewed) and he was asked that question. I guess the host(ess) have someone that does a pre-interview with guests and ask them about what is going on in their lives. The pre-interview also includes questions about what not to ask about and what to be sure and ask about or what do you want to be asked about. Then a card is filled out for each guest. In Dave's case, he usually goes for the "what does the guest want to be asked about" question.

So my question for you is this- If you were on a talk show, what is the story that you would tell? The story that everyone always asks you to tell, no matter how many times you tell it, they still ask for it.

I am not sure what one I would tell, I'll think about it and post it later. In the meantime, tell us your story.


Karlene said...

How I lost 160 pounds.

But no one ever likes the answer I tell them.

~paulette said...

i don't think anyone ever asks me a story about myself. most people i know just want me to tell them about Other people...