Sunday, September 9, 2007

I won

I won book over at Karlene's blog
I am so excited about it, too. I am hoping that it will come in time for me to take it with me to San Diego. (I was going to take Stephanie Meyer's books, but the waiting list at the library is LONG and everyone else has loaned them out. Maybe I'll check at the school library in the morning).

Speaking of San Diego, 9 days before we leave to go and 11 days before I get to see Trevor!!! (but who's counting)

So I will have Jessica(20), Ethan(14), Jacob(12), and Brandi(8) with me. What are some good things to do while we are there. We will have all day Wed. to play, part of Th and part of Fri (going to see Tawnya and family on Friday after the graduation) and then we are starting home some time on Sat. Might come all the way on Sat or maybe do it in 2 days.

Jess wants to go to Balboa Park. For sure we want to go to the beach. Last time I was in a brace, as I had just gotten a cast off of my leg the day before we left, so I didn't do a lot of playing at the beach.

I was thinking maybe the Wild Animal Park. I wanted to go on a whale watching tour until I read that those only happen Dec-Mar. Or maybe the aquarium. Not enough days and too many things to do.

So what are your reccomendations. (the zoo is out-- too expensive)

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sharon said...

Some girls at work the other day were talking about the wild animal park and how much they loved it. I hadn't even considered it for when we go next month, but maybe I will now. Of course, my gang is most looking forward to Legoland, but I'm guessing it wouldn't be the same for you! Whatever else you do, make sure you leave some time for shopping...Tawnya sent me the link to a cool shopping district with fun shops and art galleries, etc...

G. Parker said...'ve got to go to the Flea Market!! There's one down in Imperial Beach that is huge and way fun. Of course, you need to go to Imperial Beach's gorgeous. I'm sure you've already been to Tijuana, but it's always fun if you need
I LOVE San Diego...sigh. Have you ever eaten at that restaurant on the docks right by the airport? I think it's called Charleys..anyway, lunch is a good price, and if you don't get seasick, it's lovely!!

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

If you're there on the weekend, head up to Orange County for the BEST swap meet I have ever been to. Prepare to buy like made at the fruit stands and then stuff yourselves silly so that it gets eaten before it spoils.

I'm jealous! Oh well, we get to go in October, so it should be fun. Have a blast and please tell Trevor how proud we are of him, as well as grateful.

tawnya said... to me about the zoo. I could probably get you discount tickets if you want them. The wild animal park is nearly as expensive (and I may get flogged for this!) and not nearly as cool as the zoo plus you have to pay for parking and hike in. All things I hate. Plus the zoo & Balboa Park are right next to each other.

If you do go to Balboa, let me know (if you want!) and I'll come tag along. It'll give me an excuse to leave my house for once.

Also, here is the link Sharon mentioned: which is MY favorite part of San Diego (of which there is very little!).

Wow. I'm bad at this, hating San Diego like I do!!

And I'm so sorry you couldn't get Twilight to read. Argh!! Maybe you can borrow mine & then pass them along to Sharon when you are done since I was going to give them to her in October when she is here, anyway. Whew. Clearly I should have just emailed!