Friday, September 28, 2007

The Wheel Weaves As the Wheel Will

When school began in August, I didn't have much to do. I picked up a book from the collection that Ms. Oyler left me when she retired last year. It is called, "From the Two Rivers. The Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan. I didn't realize at the time that it was a series, nor that it was such a long series, nor that it was such a popular series. 12 books when the series is all finished, plus one prequel type book. And I fell in love. In love with the writing, in love with the characters and in love with the story. I have read the first 2 books and am part way through the third. I have also read the prequel.

In the comment section of Wed. posts, Karlene told me that she had heard that Robert Jordan had died and didn't finish the series. Immediately my mind screamed "No, it can't be true! These people that I am just coming to know and love cannot be silenced forever with no where to go. They cannot be left hanging, forever in a stasis that will have no resolution." Surely Karlene was mistaken about one or the other facts if not both.

Sadly, she was not. I found Robert Jordan's blog and it is true. This great storyteller left this world without finishing his story. But sadder than that, is that his family is now without him and that is the saddest tale of all. But they can revive him in their memories and recall again and again his love for them. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and that I know that he and his family will see each other again.

And the upside of this? Robert Jordan left detailed notes and outlines and eventually, the story will be told, when it is time. When the wheel wills it to be.

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