Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And the correct answer would be....

We are getting a secondary water system put in in our town. That means that water pipes are being put in streets and smaller pipes branch off of that to each house. We then have the option of signing up and using this secondary (non-culinary) water to water our lawns etc. We just can't use it to drink or in the house. The upside is that it costs less. I am happy that I will be able to water my lawn and keep it green instead of watching it slowly die in July and Aug because I chose to not pay for the water to keep it that way.

However, today I am angry at the construction company that is putting the system in. (J-U-B Engineers phone #...-....). In fact, I have been unhappy with them since they started in my neighborhood a month ago. Here is why: When they started, they just showed up, no advance notice that they would be on our street during certain days so that we could have our cars off of the street or make arrangements for our small children to walk to school another way or be driven around these BIG pieces of equipment.

Then, on Friday, I come home from work at 4 pm and find 5 of said pieces of equipment parked in front of my house and workers gone for the day!! I assumed that they were going to work on Sat. since I was not told the equipment was going to be there. NOOOO, the equipment sat there ALL WEEKEND LONG. Was I ever informed? What if I had company coming? What if I had a UB open house planned?

And the final straw today that has me seeing red is this. They have to put a service box on my property and they put a stake in the place they wanted to put the box. They did leave a note saying that if I didn't like the place it was, to move it and let them know. The location was ok with me, I assumed it was going to be a small box, like the one I have to control the pond. It was in my front flower bed. Where I have flowers. Heirloom flowers. Flowers that belonged to both of my children's great grandmothers. Flowers I lovingly and tenderly transplanted from deceased grandmother's homes before they were sold. Flowers that I tend and weed and water each year for the last 15 years. Flowers that cannot be replaced. See where I am going with this?

(the corner flower bed is the one I am talkin about. I know it looks dead now, but that is because most of the flowers in here are dormant bulb flowers that bloom in spring I'll take a pic. in the light tomorrow to show how messed up it is)

Now, I get that they had to dig a hole. I get that I had not moved the entire flowerbed some where else. (oh, did I mention that in the above note, I was not told what day to expect it nor the size of the thing?) I came home from work, at 4 and there were no flowers in that flower bed. Not one. And no pile of dirt, or rhyzomes, or bulbs or anything! And the stinkin' service box is planted right square in the middle of the flower bed and I can't plant anything around it to cover the HUMONGOUS thing up!!!!

So I called the company. I started off telling the guy that I was unhappy and going to complain and that this was going to be one of those phone calls that he hates getting. I explained the problem and he said, "Well, it shouldn't have happened, sorry." The End, that was all, no more!

Ernt (you know, the wrong answer buzzer sound) Wrong answer. The correct answer is this- "I am sorry. HOW CAN I MAKE THIS RIGHT, MRS. SORENSON?"

Again, I know he will not be able to replace heirloom flowers, but by now it is the principal of the thing. They did not even bother to come to the door and and ask if I wanted the flowers (the kids were home) before they hauled them off and discarded them. If it was my company, those men would be digging through every square yard of dirt that was hauled away from this city today until they found every single rosebush, rhyzome, bulb and flower. He said he would have to ask someone if there was something they could do- but only after I told him I wanted it made right. I know I am going to have to settle for money to plant something else there, but I am soooooo angry right now.

And if he thinks I am going to go away, he has another think a'comin' boy.


Vic. said...

Hi. Sorry to read about your dilema. I too, like to garden and understand the trouble that you have went to to maintain your precious flowers and bulbs. I also work in the construction industry (delivering concrete). I would imagine that you will never get any compensation. What they did is definitly WRONG.
Better luck next time.... Vic

Karlene said...

Oh that's just wrong. Our stake is right smack in front of our house. That means that anyone looking at the house will see the box. I'm going to have to come look at yours tomorrow. I wonder how far away you can move that stake...?

Sandra said...

Yes, come look. I would suggest moving yours to as close to your driveway as possible or close to the neighbor's fence on the west. They did replant a neighbor's flowers today because they weren't "dead enough". Stupid men.