Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to my sister

Today is my sister in law's birthday. I am not going to do an ennumeration list for her, as she may not like my telling her age, but I am going to do a tribute to her.

My brother met her while on his mission. I lived in his mission boundaries and was able to talk with him from time to time. I remember him telling me that he was asking to be transfered to another city so that he was not tempted to spend time at her family's house instead of doing the work he was there to do. He also told me that he would never mock another missionary that went back and married someone he had met while serving.

Now let me tell you about her. When I met her, I too, fell in love with her. She is grace personified. I know that life has not always been a bed of roses, but she always has a smile on her face. Think of a southern belle, and you have Tammy. She has raised 3 beautiful, smart, wonderful children. She works hard. For many years she was the only sister in law in the family, that must have been hard for her. But let me tell you this about her- many times throughout the last 23 years, I have forgotten that she was not my blood sibling.

She is my sister and I love her. Happy Birthday Tammy! Hope it is a good one.

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Everett said...

Thanks Sandra. She still is all that- and more!