Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Marching Band

I realized that here it is the end of November and I haven't even posted once about marching band or how the boys' band did this year. Well, they did a really hard show this year, Tutankhamun. They marched really well, they didn't place higher than 3rd in any of the competitions this year, even though there were some where I felt they should have taken first. I got a new video camera and took some footage of each of the competitions. I am still learning the settings and how to take good video, but this is what I got. The video is a whole lot clearer when I view it on my video camera or on my video editor. I am also still learning how to edit and save and everything. This is their 2nd competition and it was a cold, no, freezing day. It was raining/snowing and cold, cold, cold. One of my sons is plays sousaphone. When I did a close up of them, he is the one on the right. The other son plays trumpet. When the trumpets "die", he is the first one to the left of the 50 yard line.

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Karlene said...

Cool. Now where was this? I thought you always went to San Diego.