Saturday, November 17, 2007

A quick and busy day

I have a lot planned for today so I will be quick this morning and maybe post more if I get a break this afternoon.

Today's list of things to do:
*groceries for the coming week (don't forget ingredients for the 15 pies for Friday's get together with family)

*Never ending laundry- it never ends even when I try to do 1-2 loads a day, my Sat. are still taken up with this chore

*cleaning house

*helping Matt decide on Christmas light design. We got a controller that synchronizes the outside lights to music. Maybe I can figure out how to post video after we do it.

*clean out my closet and have Brandi see if there is anything in her room that no longer fits to take to her cousin on Friday.

*re-braid Brandi's hair (a 2 hour project, maybe it will wait until Monday)

And that will take my entire day.

1 comment:

tawnya said...

15 pies???? You're insane, woman!