Monday, December 31, 2007

Holidays and Celebrations

I have always thought that I am glad I do not have a birthday that falls on a holiday. My birthday is in June and falls around the time that the city I live in has it's city celebration. I tell my kids that the entire city is celebrating my birthday with a parade, a carnival, rodeos, strawberries and cream. They used to believe me, but now they are older and wise to me, I mean wiser.

Brandi's birthday is in July and we brought her home from the hospital on the 4th. I tell her that the entire nation celebrates her birthday- a parade, carnivals, fireworks. But she is older and wise to me now too.

I have a friend who's birthday is Dec. 24. She says that it was no fun when she was younger as the presents and cake etc. always got rushed through in order to get ready for Santa. She says that sometimes they even got combined. She never really fell for the combined celebration either.

But if your birthday falls on New Year's Eve, does that mean that the entire world celebrates your birthday? You know, parties, streamers, noise makers, fireworks, a countdown and crystal ball in Time's Square - the whole shebang? Or is it the countdown to the end of your birthday?

Whichever it is, do you get to have it all to yourself, no sharing with others. Is it easier to get friends together for a party? Especially if you want to stay up and celebrate the actual time that you came into the world- sometime around 11:30ish?

Or are you just afraid that your big sister will tell everyone in blogland how old you are? Well, I won't. I will just say--

Happy Birthday, Sharon!!! I am so glad you are my sister. Hugs and kisses all around. Hope it was a good one!

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sharon said...

Thanks Sandra! My big birthday plans included a trip to the library with a griping pre-teen, pizza for dinner with kid-approved toppings and a husband that decided now was the best possible time to empty his painting studio into my living room so he could finally paint the walls in there (hey...only 18 months after we moved in!). Now I'm off to watch a rerun of Friends while I cut coupons. Holiday or not...these are the birthday plans of a mom, eh?!