Monday, February 25, 2008

Eviciton notices

I took Brandi to the dr. today. For the last 2 weeks she has been not feeling well. One day she will run a fever of about 101*. The next day she is fine and goes to school. Then a couple days later she is throwing up. Then fine, then fever, then... you get the pattern. A couple of the rest of us have had the same thing. I wash the doorknobs, light switches, walls everything with bleach. I wash the bedding and night clothes almost everyday. I have got to ge this bug out of here but he will not leave.

Brandi has kept nothing down since Friday night and so today I gave up and took her to the dr. He said that he thinks it is what 60% of the population in Utah has right now. The strep test came back negative, but her throat is raw and she has fluid in her ears. He thinks it is a sinus infection and a bit of the flu. He gave her a decongestant and an antibiotic. People are so sick here that the pharmacy only had two pills- tonight's dose. They will have the rest tomorrow, so she will have to tomorrow morning's dose in the early afternoon and then her evening dose on time. Dr. Hafen said that if we had left it 1-2 days more she probably would have needed IV fluids. So far so good, she has kept down her meds and some mandarin oranges and 2 strawberries. (I hated to buy strawberries when they are so expensive right now, but she was craving them and at this point I am feeling like, whatever she keeps down- plus her body is probably asking for vitamin C since everything she was craving was a fruit)

Mr. flu, be warned. You have been served with a final eviction notice and this time I will not take not going for an answer!!

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Josi said...

Oy, sounds like a more horrible flu than the regular horrible flu. We've been lucky so far this yera and have only had a few cruddy days--but nothing like this. Isn't it nice there are strawberrys year round even if they do cost a week's worth of milk money? Best of luck.