Monday, February 11, 2008

Immigration and consequences

Last week there was a raid at a sign making company here in the valley. The first thing I noticed about this is the company is located next to where I used to work. In fact, I used to look at their flag pole every day. Second, the raid was to arrest 30 illegal immigrants that worked there. The next day at school, some of the students were passing around a petition to "Free the immigrants"

When asked to sign the petition I refused. At first the students were upset and thought that I was being unfair. This then allowed us to have a discussion about why I refused. The students informed me that the immigrants were "just trying to work. They aren't here to jack nobody or nothin" I then asked if these immigrants came to our country leagally, with all the correct paperwork and permissions or did they break our law to be here? Maybe they are not "jacking nobody" but they have already broken our laws just by being here.

I then went on to explain that if the workers were willing to come here leagally and with all the correct paperwork and permissions, I would be more than happy to sign a petition. I would be willing to fight with my dying breath their right to work. But as long as I have breath, I will not sign a petition for someone to be allowed to break our laws.

I have 2 boys willing to put their lives on the line for our freedom. They do so willingly. I signed the papers for them to enlist willingly. I will not willingly give them to die so that someone can break the law. We have rules and laws for a reason, follow them and I will stand behind you, break them, and you have the right to suffer the consequences.

Once you choose the behavior, you have already chosen the consequences. If you do not like the consequences, choose different behavior.


Candace E. Salima said...

Hear, hear.

tawnya said...


Rhonda said...

Hey, first thanks for stopping by me blog and leaving a fun comment.

Second, my husbands family came to America from Switzerland,through the legal ways. It took them over 8 years to do it right. BUT, they did it legally!

I'm with you on this one!