Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ok, here is the first question in the family room makeover.
What do I do with the laundry room doors? Right now they are white.

The bookshelves to the right will be about where that stack of pictures and books are behind the couch. There are three of them and they will be facing the couch and making a "wall" to block the laundry from the family room.

These are the colors I am painting the family room. The wall with the fireplace will be green and the rest will be the gold. So what do I do with the doors? Even though they will be hidden from the family room, I don't want them to be out of place and stupid looking. Do I paint them the same color as the wall? An accent color? Rip them out and do something different? I need a decorator. Sharon?


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Kimberly said...

Definitely rip them out. Install a nice long curtain rod. One of those metal ones with an antiqued bronze finish perhaps with the lovely finials on the ends. Then find some long curtains in a thick-ish fabric (microsuede is very popular now and easy to find), perhaps in a rich dark brown to complement the colours you've chosen?

ShazBraz said...

I agree with the PP. I would use a curtain, but if you are going to leave the doors, I would paint them (doors and frame) the same color as the wall. Wish I was feeling better so I could come help you.

Anonymous said...

Sandra --

If you need parts for your paint stick, go to www.homeright.com and call the customer service number listed there. I'm sure they can help you.

Karlene said...

I HATE closet doors. Take them down and replace with curtains, as previously suggested. I have curtains instead of doors in all my bedrooms and I love them. But use a semi-heavy or thick fabric to help block the noise if you're doing laundry and watching TV at the same time.

(P.S. -- Jana would agree with me.)

tawnya said...

I was thinking curtains as well. IKEA has some really cool ones.

Brillig said...

Ouch. It makes my head hurt. :-D My hands are full enough of my own home improvement projects-- which I am working vigorously at ignoring... :-D

Anonymous said...

not sure this would jive with your budget, but if I were you I would put in either pocket doors, or solid panels that run on tracks, then paint them the same color as the wall. That way, when they're open, you won't see them much or at all, and when they're closed it will give the illusion of a solid wall, and still keep your noise level way down.

And, by the way, thanks for the sweet comments over on my blog - they were a real boost! I feel much better now - at least i know I'm normal! :^>

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of pocket doors, or doors on tracks that can look like the wall when shut, then you could hang a picture or something on them and it would look like the wall. Love Mom