Monday, October 6, 2008

Confessions and a poll

Ok, confession time. I absolutely hate Halloween and all it stands for. The only good thing about it is I can wear my tiara in public and no one feels they need to call the men in white coats..

I do, however, love coming up with a costume and dressing up and pretending with the kids. At the high school, the office staff decides on a theme and we all dress to that theme. I hate this year's theme. We are dressing as witches. I have absolutely nothing in my vast wardrobe of costumes that will work for a witch. So a costume for me now requires shopping. I hate shopping.
So you get to help me decide. What kind of witch am I going to be? I already ruled out an evil, warts on the nose witch, so don't even suggest it. Do I go elegant witch- long purple velvet dress, black nylons with glittery stars on them or do I go silly, bumbling witch with orange or green stripped tights? Here are a few pictures of costumes that I kind of like. What would be your choice?


With striped tights or no?


ok as it is?


I would have to make this one or alter it to make it modest enough to wear


I like this one, but can't find it in adult size, so again, I would have to make it


One of my favorite ones


Glitter tights, and I have a pair of granny boots I could wear





I really like this one if I am going to go this way with the costume

I also like this one, but again would have to alter it or make it
So, suggestions?


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ShazBraz said...

I LOVE Halloween. Sage is going to be a witch this year. We are doing something similar to #1. I am making her a purple/orange/black net tutu and I spent conference knitting her some black/orange/green leg warmers. She will just wear a long sleeved black skirt and a multi colored cardigan. She wants a glittery, teased ponytail with spiders in her hair.

Anyway, for you I like 2, 5, 6 and 7

ShazBraz said...

Oh, if you lived closer, you could borrow the glittery black cape I made for her last time she was a witch...

Karlene said...

I like 1 or 10.

I'm a witch this year too. Got my hat and wig and striped tights. Have to find my dress.

But the Tues before? I'm dressing up as the UB fairy for the UB meeting.

Anonymous said...

I like 5. Mom

tawnya said...

LOVE Halloween. LOVE. Go for whatever witch will let you wear the stripped tights!

Jeri said...

I'm no help here - I too really don't like Halloween. BLAH!

David G. Woolley said...

Every Halloween I go on a club-wide scare-the-soccer-player odyssey, from the Point of the Mountain to Spanish Fork I scare the living daylights out of soccer players in our club. It is, possibly, the funniest, funnest evening of the year.

I once scared a player out of his house and screaming down the street. I have some pretty good tactics that produce some great results. And no, I will not share my secrets. They have nothing to do with green and black striped tights.

David G. Woolley

G. Parker said...

I like #7!! You crack me up. My daughter says you hate Just ignore her. I like the idea of wearing a tiara...loved your comment on conference too. Have a good one...