Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Papers and Presentations

I just got home from class. Our professor has a habit of saying "This is graduate school". As in, "We expect more from you because this is graduate school." Or, "You will be held to a higher standard because this is graduate school." And you feel the tension and anxiety in the room go up a couple of degrees. Ok, 30-40 degrees. Or more.

Tonight he handed back our first paper. He said, "I was harsher and tougher on these papers than I normally am because I wanted you to learn from your mistakes. And this is, after all, graduate school." So of course the anxiety was pretty high. Especially since as soon as he finished telling us what we did wrong, we had to give our oral presentation.

I also hate it when they use a red pen to mark up your paper. While it may be quick and easy to see, after a while it starts to look like your paper is bleeding. At that point it is almost easier to start over than to try life support on your paper.

My paper? It is almost as pristine as when I handed it in. There are two remarks on my paper. Halfway through the fourth paragraph he wrote --great. At the end of my reference page he wrote Great Job.

Then on to the oral presentations. We had 5 minutes. Not 5 minutes and 30 seconds. 5 minutes. Then he would give us feedback on things we needed to change, watch for, do differently, etc.

When I was done- 4 minutes 55 seconds thank you very much- he said, "Thanks. Who wants to be next?" I had to ask for my feedback. I guess I am the model of how to teach adults. Wonderful visuals, engage the listener, use handouts and writing, good use of humor...

Today was a good day. Tomorrow I start my 10 page paper due next week. I promise not to give a mark by mark of every paper, but tonight I am happy and wanted to share.


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lindsey said...

Congratulations and GREAT JOB!

Brag all you want--You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. You at least have the wherewith to go back to school. Love Mom

Sandra said...

Thanks, Lindsey

Mom- You should go back. You can do it. Start with something small, like when you took tennis lessons or when you took painting classes. Look at your paintings now- People think I paid a lot of money for them.

loretta said...

Good for you! I'm going back in 2 years. Don't know how forward I'm looking to it though, because of the red pen & feedback. It's been a long time.

tawnya said...

What are you going back for, Loretta?