Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Marley and Me

Last Monday the kids and I went to see a movie. Matthew wanted to choose the movie and I agreed so long as he chose something that even Brandi would enjoy. He chose to see Marley and Me. Good choice/Bad choice


Cute story, cute dog, cute family, cute, cute, cute all over. I love that John Grogan chooses his role as a husband and father over the dream life that he had envisioned. I love that Jennifer Aniston's character chooses to be a stay at home mom instead of keeping her great job. I love that even when Marley is at his worst, the family keeps him and figures out how to make it work. I love that when Jenny is so sleep deprived that she thinks she will go insane and she screams and yells like a mad woman at her husband, he never, ever, not once thinks about leaving but figures out what he can do to make her life better. Even if it means giving up his dog. And they make it work for both of them.

Bad: It was rated PG. It should have been rated PG13. It wasn't very far into the movie that I looked at whichever boy child was sitting next to me and I said "this is rated what again? And we brought Brandi? Maybe we should have seen the stupid Mall Cop movie." Language was a problem for me. But even worse was the constant sexual innuendo throughout the first half of the movie. One of the funniest scenes, the one where he goes to the vet, is ruined by all of the crude, crass, locker room comments. The movie would have been so much better if the language and innuendo was left out.

Another thing, the first scene is in the future. I kept waiting for it to be tied into the rest of the movie. It never was. I hate when that happens.

Would I recommend this movie? Sure but not for young children.

My favorite line: "This wasn't part of the plan." "No, but this is so much better."


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