Monday, February 9, 2009

Lists- again

I am going to do this post in list form because: a) I am in a hurry, b) I can't think of a post length thought right now- too much homework and tiredness from staying awake with a sick child for 2 nights in a row.

*It snowed again today. Cold, wet, heavy slush. I keep reminding myself I will be thankful for it in the summer.

*Two of my favorite blogs are marked as private- invitation only- today. I don't have an invitation to either. :(

*The sleep doctor called. I need to go back for another sleep study. Apparently I stop breathing, on average, 11 times/hour! No wonder I am exhausted!

*Brandi has strep. She got a shot of penacillan this morning after all the ginger baths and collodial silver were not working.

*I finished reading Lemon Tart by Josi S. Kilpack last night. I will do a review soon, but know that I loved it. (and just an FYI, I helped with the recipies in the next Sadie Hoffmiller book, English Trifle, due out this coming August)

*Donovan just might get to come home when the baby is born. We are praying that everything will work so that he does get to come home and that she is born when he is here.

*I have a stupid journal entry to write for my stupid class tomorrow night. 3 more class periods. Not that I am counting or anything.

*I am listening to Jim Brickman right now and wishing that I could go to a concert again. I used to go to all of his concerts before he became such a big hit. I used to have backstage passes to all of his Utah concerts.

*Stir Fry for dinner tonight.


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Jeri said...

A fellow brick-head eh? I love it! I hope that now they have diagnosed the sleep problem, they'll be able to get you fit with a mask or whatever, and you will actually have a GREAT nights sleep. (I've heard that sleep works wonders... I'll let you know if I get a full night before you do;)

Karlene said...

Stir fry? When I'm that tired and busy, it's bologna sandwiches or pop-tarts for the family.