Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nathan and trains

We have a special needs class at the high school. Actually it is called Life Skills, but the special needs students are the ones that are enrolled in the class. I love all of the students, but one of them in partcular makes me smile. No matter how bad of a mood I am in, he lifts my spirits just by being in the room. No one can be grumpy when Nathan is around.

This is the conversation he had in the hall with another teacher.

Nathan: Mr. McCallister, how's it going?

Mr. McCallister: Good morning Nate. Good, how are you?

N: fine. I saw a train last night. A train in Lehi. It was long and the arms came down and we had to stop and wait for it. My dad had to stop.

Mr. M: That was a very wise thing for your dad to do.

N: The lights were flashing red and red lights mean stop. The train was long. It was in Lehi and we had to stop for it.

Mr. M.: I'm glad you waited Nathan. Have a good day.

Nate, to his peer tutor, "I'm being good Jessie, aren't I. I am being good."

I would have gotten to hear about the train next, but I was called away to deal with something else. Too bad. I like talking to Nathan about trains.

Did I mention that Nathan loves trains. Thomas is his favorite. He will talk to you for hours about trains if his peer tutor didn't keep him on track.

When school first started this is the conversation that Nathan and I had every single day.

Nathan: Hi Mrs. S.

Me: Good morning Nathan

N: Your the principal aren't you?

Me: No Nathan I'm the tracker.

N: I thought you were the principal.

We had that conversation for 3 months. I wish I had the pay raise that being a principal would bring, but I really wouldn't want the headaches that the principal has running a school. For the next 2 months Nathan and I had this conversation:

N: Hi Mrs. S

Me: Good morning Nathan

N: Hey, your the secretary aren't you?

Me: Yes Nathan I am a secretary.

A secretary is the best way that Nathan can understand what I do. Now we have this conversation:

N: Hi Mrs. S.

Me: Good morning Nathan

N: Mrs. S. I saw__________ last night (probably a train)

Me: A__________ really? Tell me about it

and then he does. I look forwad to seeing Nathan.

Nathan is not very much taller than I am, 5"4" but he has a great big booming voice that carries. His voice is deep, like something you would expect from James Earl Jones and it seems incongruent with Nathan's bodily frame. But within minutes of him walking in the office, everyone is smiling and happy and the rest of the day is a good one.


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ShazBraz said...

I wish there was someone at Sage's school who felt that way about her, instead of just thinking she's an inconvenience. Hey-why don't you move up here and get a job at her school???

Sandra said...

Sharon, that makes me sad. The Life Skills students are my favorite. Maybe I should move up there. Sage could get both Mrs. S and Aunt Sandra. (and you know she would be my favorite student of all)

ShazBraz said... think it makes you sad!...

we've already filled out the papers to transfer her to a different school next year where it will hopefully be a little better for her.

megan said...

I love Nathan too! Lastb time I saw him we talked about airplanes. It was wonderful!