Saturday, February 21, 2009

On a lighter note...

It was a nice day today. The sun was shining, we got the Chirstmas lights taken down and put away. I now feel ready to move into Spring. I noticed that Lindon Nursery has new seeds arriving daily. I better get in and get some before they are all gone. But I am not sure yet what I want. I think I am going to try my hand at square foot gardening this summer. Or maybe I should just till up the entire back yard and turn it into a garden. I wonder if the dogs would help with the weeding?

The school district made a deal with the rec. centers in the cities in district boundaries. Employees were able to purchase a year long pass to one of the rec centers at a huge discount. I debated which one to buy. The city I live in has a brand new, wonderful, state of the art rec. center. But the pool is an out door pool and the pass would not include the pool when it is open in the summer- I am going to have to purchase that anyway. All the other rec centers have indoor pools or a bubble to convert their outdoor pool to an indoor pool. So, I could get passes to a rec center that the boys would use, but I wouldn't, or passes to a rec center where I would use the pool, but have to drive a bit further. I finally choose one of the centers with a pool.

Today we went swimming. And by swimming I mean Jake, Ethan and Brandi swam while I stood in the pool wishing it were warmer and threw pool toys for the kids to swim and retrieve. Alternate that with me sitting in the hot tub. Because I do not know how to swim. Oh sure, I took beginning swimming lessons. Twice. or was it three times? I don't know. I just know that I have always been a teeny bit afraid of drowning. Just remember, I grew up in the desert southwest where any accumulation of water big enough to swim in usually meant that a flash flood was happening. You know that big river, the Rio Grande? Ya, you could walk across it and never get your feet wet most of the time.

I do remember seeing the Gila flooded once. Enough that the road to Grandma's house was closed. The San Francisco usually had water, as did The Blue. We always had time to play in the water at the CatWalk in Glenwood. And what would a trip to Grandma's be if we didn't play in the irrigation ditch? Catching polywogs was my favorite thing to do. Oh, and there is nothing like New Mexico mud between the toes. I miss that.

You know what else I miss? The rain. It does rain everyonce in awhile in southwest New Mexico. And the rain is warm, not like the rain we get in Utah. Here, even in the heat of summer, the rain is cold and I want to come inside and curl up with a blanket. Not in New Mexico. Imagine a warm shower. That is what the rain is like. We used to play in it- dancing and running and having a good time. And you know how in the movies after a rain in the desert the flora come out and blankets the earth in beauty? It really happens like that.

Funny how a trip to the pool would bring back all those memories today.


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Anonymous said...

It's nice that you have memories like that. I'm surprised you even remember the Blue. We sure could use some of that rain right now. Love Dad