Thursday, March 12, 2009


When throwing a birthday party for your little girl, please assume that at least one mother of the invited guests will be directionaly challenged. Especially if you live on an obscure street that is new to the city and there is only one way into your culdesac. Please include directions to said house and perhaps a balloon or two tied to the mailbox to indicate which house is yours.

If you do this, said mother will no longer waste party time finding your home and said guest child will not be thinking that her mother is not as smart as she thought.


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Brillig said...

HAHAHAHA. I'm sure all of this is hypothetical, right? Not at all personal experience, right? hahaha.

Sandra said...

I even bought a GPS unit so this would no longer happen. Guess what? If you don't buy the super expensive version that you can upload new maps on, you won't be able to find the new obscure streets that didn't exist when your unit was loaded with maps. Go figure.