Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Break!

Matthew asked if we could take a trip for spring break this year. He wants to go to Califonia because he didn't go with us when Donovan and then Trevor graduated from MCRD. He didn't go because he was not willing to miss school. I said sure, let's go. But I have class on Wed. night so we can't leave until after class or early-early Thursday morning.

We- the girls- want to go to the $10 shoe store. I really need a pair of yellow shoes. The more I look at the ones I bought to go with my new dress, the more I don't like them.

Jess wants to go to Balboa park.

Everyone else wants to go to the beach.

I wanted to go to the Wild Animal Park. Until I looked at prices. Sorry. I am NOT spending $500 to look at a bunch of animals. Even if they are wild.

I think we will go shopping in Old Towne and eat at least once at In N' Out, play at the beach. I know Jess will take a bunch of pictures.

What else should we do? Pictures outside the temples, maybe Grauman's Chinese theater, Hollywood walk of fame.

I am open for suggestions of inexpensive things to do to entertain the kids and keep them occupied and happy. Places to go, things to see. Please give us ideas. We still have about a week to plan.


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ShazBraz said...

oh, awesome! Have fun!

Karlene said...

Totally jealous! Have lots of fun.

And thanks for putting the Book Club button in your sidebar. :)

tawnya said...

We went to the Wild Animal Park once and then realized we'd have to park a mile away and hike in in the 100* heat. We left and went to the mall. Never went back.

Go to Del Mar - fun, fun shops to wander around in.

And eat at In n Out for me. Oh, and Pat & Oscar's breadsticks...mmmmmm.

Ali Cross said...

I have no idea, as I've never been to CA but I'm totally jealous! Sounds like a fun and needed break from the regular bump and grind.

Have a great time!