Monday, June 15, 2009


I have been mucking out and getting rid of things around here and it feels good. Until I walk in the garage and see the pile of things to go to either DI or Freecycle, then I just wish I could get my car back into the garage.

I have cleaned out my closet. I ended up with 2- 30 gallon size garbage bags of clothes and shoes that I never wear. Yet my wardrobe still overfloweth! But it is organized now with this turned on its side on the closet floor with these in the cubbies to hold shoes/purses/boots etc.

My jewlery drawer has been cleaned out. Well basically reorganized with these. So much nicer to open that drawer now. And I even had one of the long ones left over that I filled with my belts and put in the closet in one of the cubbies.

Next up will be the laundry room. I finally was able to buy the stuff to make this.

There is one are of my house that I have always hated more than any other. My coat closet. I have tried so many different things to help the kids hang their backpacks/coats/gloves/scarves and what ever other paraphanalia they had in there, but nothing worked. I always end up with coats on the railing and shoes/boots in the front entryway. So I think I will move all of that stuff to their respective rooms and I am going to do this instead. Matt says I should leave the door on, but I say Matt is moving out in a few weeks anyway, so his vote shouldn't count. And perhaps if they don't have to actually go to all that work to open the door, things might get put away?

(and Sharon, you know if I do do this, I will have what color? painting questions for you)

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Anonymous said...

Honey, can I suggest to just take one day, soon, tomorrow or the next day, and take things to DI, goodwill or some other donation place. It will make it look like you have accomplished something and give new hope that it can be done. Feels good besides. We took a bunch when we went to Mesa this week. Feels so good to get rid of "things". Love Mom

Sandra said...

That was actually the plan, because I know once I get to the office and then the room that Trevor was using I am going to be overwhelmed with stuff. And I am not even thinking about the storage room yet, even though I know that it is the room that needs it the most.

Cami said...

Sheesh. You're doing great! I'm still trying to get my files organized and get my laundry caught up! :) Are you feeling okay? I sort of hear a little "sad" in your comments.