Saturday, June 6, 2009

Freedom Festival kick off

There are enough videos that I needed to decide how to post them: all at once, one at a time, by event, by child, by time period.. whatever? I decided that I should group them by event and you can watch at your leasure. Or not.

Our school stopped having a Freedom Festival choir a few years ago. I was disapointed that Brandi would never have the opportunity to sit in the giant flag at the Marriot Center and sing the songs. Someone decided that the schools that stopped having choirs should do some preshow entertainment. Brandi signed up for that.

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Cami said...

I love your little video things, BTW..glitter toes...Lol! You MUST have some glitter toes. They are very simply mix a little glitter, (I like silver and white) in pale pink nail polish, apply to toes, add a few blings if you desire, and WALA! Glitter toes! :) My friend did mine for me today. It's a lot of fun. Should you desire to try them, let me know. :) Every girl should have glitter toes to make her sparkle! ;)

Cami said...

t P.S. I LOVE the Shelfari thing on your blog! I created one for myself today. Thanks~!