Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just something I was doodling around with this weekend. We have so many ideas running around here of things we would like to do with the unfinished bracelets. There is no way I could ever wear all the bracelets we have ideas to make. I think I may need to open an Etsy shop.

This one is my favorite.
I am for sure keeping this one and the flower one.


add to kirtsy


ShazBraz said...

cute! Is it tissue paper?

there were some awesome clothes in that bag; thanks!

Sandra said...

The floral one is a cut up garden cataloge and the zebra one I painted.

Brandi had a birthday party yesterday and she got some awsome tissue paper in the gift bags and it went right into the box to be repurposed into bracelets.

I am glad there were some things that Sage could use. Brandi is growing so fast that as soon as I buy something, she wears it once and the next time she puts it on it doesn't fit!

I am hoping that Sage likes the pink skirt (it was in there wasn't it?) I made me a shirt out of that fabric and that is material that was left over. I love that material.