Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, America

Today we celebrate the birth of a nation. We will go to parades. We will barbeque any number of meats and vegetables. Gourge ourselves on watermelon, cakes, homemade ice cream and root beer and many other sweets.
We might have a family picnic at the lake or go downtown to the fair and purchase baubles at the booths. The kids may even play a game or two outside with each other.
Then when the sun is setting, we will all gather with our lawn chairs, buckets of water and store bought fire works and enjoy our own light show or the one that the city puts on. We will marvel at the beautiful sight of them exploding overhead.
Then we will go to bed, sleep and awaken to another day where we go back to our normally scheduled lives.
Today this post is in honor of all those men and women whose parade is a convoy of military vehicles. Whose picnic is an MRE. Whose fire works are real bombs bursting in air.
Who are my heroes.
I love you both
Be safe


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Amen...and I'm a little teary eyed.