Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hearts knit together in unity and love

A few weeks ago in Relief Society our lesson was on "Having our hearts knit together in unity and love". The discussion turned to when there is discord in our homes. The teacher asked what we have been told to do when we are at odds with our spouse. One of the sisters quipped, "The huband is supposed to back down." There was laughter, then the teacher said, "President Eyring (I think it was) told us that the person that is right should go and apologize to the other person."

Our lovely sister then said, "Ya, I do a lot of apologizing." (if you know this sister, you know that a lot of what she says is tongue in cheek)

Jess and I were discussing this and the propensity of women to assume that they are always right. Who decided that? And why? I don't get it.

After that I started thinking about how often I assert that I am always right. And what message that is giving my children.

Then my sister did a post on reasons for removing toxic relationships from our lives. I remembered when I had to do that with a friend and how hard it was, but how much better life is now.

Then I thought about a conversation I had last week with another sister and how when she was trying to tell me something I totally made the conversation all about me. When I thought of that, I was saddened that I had done that. Then I started thinking about how often I have become that toxic person with my sisters. Not a good personal inventory report I am sorry to say.

Now, about unity. We also talked about unity and how that does not mean that we all have to have the same thoughts, ideas and opinions. It does mean, however, that we have the same purpose in mind and work toward that end. We just may each go about it in a different way. And that is ok.

**Ok, here we are a few days later and I still can't find my train of thought, so I am going to leave it at that.

One last thought. Today in Sunday School class (I am teaching the 15-16 year olds) we were talking about Remaining steadfast and immovable in our testimonies. The discussion had turned to ways to not listen to the temptations of the adversary. I had just made a comment about being careful who we listen to and one of the boys said, "See, that is where we teenagers have it made when it comes to avoiding temptation. We don't listen to anybody."

If only it were that easy.

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ShazBraz said...

No worries. Your thing was bigger.

that comment at the end was hilarious, though!

Karlene said...

So maybe you make other conversations all about you, but you very kindly let me make our conversations all about me. Thank you for that. Hope I return the favor sometimes.