Thursday, July 9, 2009

Interrupted thoughts

I was in the middle of a post when I stopped to deal with something. Then I went back to the post and my personal feelings were overwhelming to the point that I was in tears. (unrelated to the something and totally related to what I was writing though the something did make me want to cry)

Enough tears that I could not see what I was writing and had to redo my makeup because it was time to take Brandi to library and Ethan to take a test to makeup credit and pick up a UB order and deliver it. By the time I got home I had lost my train of thought. Or was out of the groove. Or something.

I am going to let that post sit until I can finish it. In the mean time I will do a quick Where in the World to lighten the mood a bit.

So last time we were in England, the setting for Josi S. Kilpack's new book, English Trifle.

Today's stop was inspired by these pictures

She said this was the way to be a Zen master.

I think she is in the wrong garden.

She also wanted to take a picture of me in this pose.

I just laughed.

While here we will see
the Duomo, La Scala, Castello Sforzesco and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.
Then we will move on to another city to see scenic canals, beautiful buildings and world famous landmarks, in a city that exudes romance, history, fantastic photo opportunities and good food, almost at every corner. Whether taking a gondola down the Grand Canal or examining this romantic city's unique setting and architecture while on foot, you will find _____ inviting and magical.

The next city stop in this country is one who's art and architecture rivals that of the country's capitol. During the Renaissance, it was the art center of western civilization. A list of past residents of the city represents the "Who's Who" of the Masters, including: Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, among others. Culture seems to ooze from the frescoes and statues; perhaps that is why its museums tend to be incredibly attractive to tourists.

Then off to the capitol city. Oh so many things to see and do while here in "the eternal city". It is such a wonderful and popular place that all roads lead here.

Where in the World are we today?

*and if my descriptions sound like a guide book, I took them off of a guide to this country website.

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G. Parker said...

I'm thinking somewhere in Italy...but my brain isn't coming up with anything other than Barcelona. Venice has too much water for those photos...grin.

David G. Woolley said...

If the garden is in the same city as the Duomo, then you're in Milan. The Duomo Milano.

However, your post is a little unclear as to which descriptions are related to this garden photo and which ones are related to future where in the world posts. I'm sticking with Milan.

And, if you're headed to the major artsy city in Italy where the entire western world used to point for great art, that's got to be Florence. The David (my favorite of course) and all the other artsy places. Did you know that the US played Austria in Florence during the World Cup at a stadium just down the street from all that art. I thought the soccer was much more fun than the art. Sorry. It just was. So was the pasta.

Sandra said...

I was mostly going for the country where all of these cities are located as the garden has the name of the country.

And of course the David would be your favorite. And the soccer would be more interesting. I am hoping that by the time league play is over for Brandi this summer/fall I understand it enough to find it interesting. But we can agree on the pasta.

And there might be a future artsy city coming up with a famous museum I would like to visit. I haven't decided if I want to stop there on this world tour or not.

Sandra said...

Gaynell, Like I told David, I was going for the country, so you are fine.

I may stop in Barcelona yet.