Thursday, July 16, 2009


They say that stressed spelled backwards is desserts, but there is nothing quick in this house to use as stress food. I guess that is a good thing, because even though the scale hasn't changed numbers, (I think it does that on purpose) my clothes all fit differently and I took another bag of them to DI.

I did make cookies today. No sugar, I used agave instead. Did you know that agave is also what is used to make tequila? Just thought I'd through that interesting tidbit in for the fun of it. I wanted chocolate chip cookies, but the no sugar thing, remember? So I had a bag of carob chips in the pantry. And wheat flour. The cookies didn't spread the way chocolate chip cookies do and the recipe said they would. Hmmm. Again, I feel like I am learning to cook all over again. The cookies taste ok, but if you are expecting a chocolate chip cookie, you are going to be disappointed. It wasn't what I was aiming for, but I am too hot and tired to do anything else. So I had a glass of lemon water.

In the last week I have found my desk top again. Now if I can just keep the kids from piling it full again, that will be great. Somehow the kids managed to open a box full of filed papers and scattered them all over the office floor- and then just shoved them under the desk hoping I wouldn't noticed. Ha! I noticed. But I did do a bunch of shredding of old papers I don't need anymore so that cleared up a lot of space.

And I rearranged the family room. But the stupid converter box we bought for the t.v. doesn't work so I can't watch anything down there. And the stupid t.v. that is in my bedroom, (that came from I don't know where- ask the kids' dad, it was his) has a code on it that blocks all tv14 ratings and no one knows the code so I can't watch NCIS or The Mentalist or even Dr. Phil!

I even watched the first 2 disks of Anne of Green Gables. Both sides of both disks.

Dishes done, laundry caught up, office cleaned, garden weeded, furniture rearranged, took kids to library... All in an effort to not do my homework. Really.

My learning team has to do a mock intake interview with someone that has a mood disorder. We choose bipolar I. Guess who was voluntold that they are the patient? I would much rather be the therapist this time. Much easier.


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L.Jo said...

What the heck are carob chips?

tawnya said...

Fake chocolate. Not really recommended...

Karlene said...

McKenna made some agave sweetened cookies a few weeks ago. They were a little cakier than you'd expect in a cookie, but they were good.

Carob? ack! bleck! puke!

So now that your house is all clean, come do mine please. I'm happy to provide you with excuses not to do homework.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I love that your clothes are fitting differently! You go, girl!