Sunday, August 23, 2009

Quick post

This is just a quick post to remind me of the things I want to blog about this coming week.

*Matt moved into his dorm room officialy tonight

*Housing costs at the U are ridiculous. Matt may move back home so we can afford to eat. And save more money for his mission next year.

*Brandi's soccer team didn't win yesterday, but they managed to keep the bigger, better team to 2 points.

*Speaking of soccer, I did not know that try outs for good teams is in May. Sometimes it really is all about who you know. Brandi has a sort of try out Tue. evening. Thanks! I'll get this soccer thing figured out someday

*I think I like soccer. Maybe even more than basketball

*Started a new class. We get to learn to read body language. You thought I was good at spotting a lie before....

*It was about 2*F in the chapel for the temple dedication this morning. I still have the headache from the cold. The girls and I shared the boys' suit coats to try and stay warm. The mom in front of us was using her hand kerchief to try and cover her child.

*I'm tired and going to bed. 5 a.m. comes too early lately.


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