Sunday, September 27, 2009


The following pics are in answer to my Aunt Kay's question in yesterday's comments. They were taken last night about 6:30 pm. I'll post better ones after Jess uploads the ones from her camera.

Matthew has my GPS, so I got lost, drove past their bus and police escort going the wrong way, sobbing because I was going to miss them, then the gate was closed and I had to park across the street and then wait for someone going out to slip in the closing gate.

I made it because they had to check in their guns and gear before coming out and Donovan and Trevor were at the end of the line.
And in case you are wondering why I didn't just follow Kristina or Jessica, who knew where they were going, you will see in the pictures that Brandi also has on a uniform- I was coming from here.

And you won't see Ethan and Jacob in these pictures

because they were here

(second place today!)

And Matthew was in here
In Cedar City with Whitney
That's why he has the GPS and not me

Now back to the answer pictures

Trevor, Brandi, Donovan

Trevor, Jessica, Donovan

Hunter, Donovan, Kristina, Jordan

Hoo- ra

Semper Fi

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Kay Scott said...

Hooray for safely returning sons!! They look great. (I must admit to misty eyes viewing the pictures.) I know your heart is full and giving thanks. We are all grateful for what they do for the rest of us.

Karlene said...

I thought that might be why there were a zillion flags in your front yard yesterday! Glad they're home safe.