Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yesterday, I laughed

Brandi really cracks me up.

My friend, Noelle, just bought a house. Her family also owns a nursery. One of the best nurseries around here.

Once, before I knew Noelle, I was looking to replace some peonies that had been destroyed. They were heirloom peonies and I really loved them. They reminded me of a woman that treated me like family and accepted me when the rest of her family treated me unkindly. So, I was looking for a certain color and shape and all that kind of stuff.

Everyone else either didn't have peonies, had peonies that were the wrong color or type or were way over priced and out of my budget range. Feeling rather dejected, I stopped by Linden Nursery one day on my way home from work. They had peonies. And I could get 2 with the money I had alotted for 1. But they only had one in the correct color. And half of it was drooping and looking kind of on the dead side. I decided to take it and see if I could nurse it back to health.

When I got to the counter to pay for my two plants, I was told that since it was not looking well, and would probably die soon, I could take it-- no charge. I am not sure who was at the counter, Noelle or one of her sisters, but I do know that I no longer buy my nursery purchases anywhere else. And the little mostly dead plant? Beautiful and thriving in my front yard.

Now, I told you all of that to tell you about what happened today. As I said, Noelle bought a house. Today she had a yard sale. But she held it in front of the nursery, which faces State Street. A very busy place, lots of people to see and stop at the yard sale.

Brandi had a soccer game this afternoon. My plan was to go early, stop at the yard sale, go to Scoreboard Sports and get her new shin guards and then go to the game. But we were late because her dad was coming with us and he is always late.

I told Brandi she would have to make do with her old shin guards and we would go after the game. Then I said, "Noelle is having a yard sale today." And Brandi looked at me and without missing a beat said,

"Doesn't she pretty much have a yard sale every day?"

I laughed outloud the rest of the way to the game.


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Noelle said...

Oh...I laughed for 10 minutes...and so did my mom and dad.