Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Not much to say tonight except,

I am so glad that class is done and over with!!! I changed learning teams for this class to help out another class mate. I now know why no one wants to be on this learning team. Can I just say, If you tell me I will have your part of the group project by 8 pm Tuesday so I can compile it and turn it in by 9 pm Tuesday, DON'T WAIT UNTIL 4:30 ON WED TO GIVE IT TO ME!! because I will turn everything except your part in on Tuesday at 9 pm as agreed.

AND if you say you can meet at 5 pm to do a quick run through of the oral presentation- THAT IS OUR FINAL GRADE, don't breeze in at 5:30 and then spend the next 20 minutes running off your individual assignment, finding out what chapter tonight's test is on, and deciding where you are going for dinner during the break!

Because that oral presentation tonight? I am not a happy woman.

Because I will be mad and when it comes my turn to give you your group grade, it won't be 4/4.

And that is a promise.


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Kay Scott said...

Glad it's over for you. Sorry about the learning team experience. Dealing with people like that is always frustrating.

Karlene said...

Hmmm...maybe I won't go back to school after all.