Saturday, November 14, 2009

A question on a cold and blustery day

I have spent the day writing lesson plans. I don't really understand why she makes us write 2-3 lesson plans a week when they are in abundance on the internet, books at school supply stores, book available at school counselor sites, in the counseling departments of schools.... I do understand her having us learn how to write one, and even writing 1 or two, but seriously 2-3/week? In addition to the papers that are due and the 5 chapters of reading?

It was this line of thought that brought me to where I am now, comparing myself to A.A. Milne's Hundred Acre Wood residents. I have often thought that if I were to ever do a personality types survey, I would use these characters. Without doing a scientific study, or writing questions and answers, I would classify myself as an Eeyore.

Not just Eeyore, but this Eeyore. This sad, gloomy, rainy day, Thanks for noticin' type of Eeyore. If there is a down side to a situation, I see it. Anticipate it. Expect it. Am not surprised when it happens. And when it doesn't, I don't enjoy it, but wait for it to turn bad. Hold my breath, knowing that any second the house of sticks is going to come crashing down.

What is it that makes one of us Eeyore and someone else Tigger? We could get into the whole Nature vs. Nurture discussion and we will probably agree that it is some combination of the two. And we will probably agree that there are some Eeyores that are that way because of a chemicals mess up in their brain. Modern science has given us medicine to help with that. But when it is not chemical, others that share your same DNA and nuture conditions, what is it that makes you who you are?

And if personality is with us from the pre-existence, does that mean I was an Eeyore then? Could I not have been happy even then? Even when I could see the beginning and understand the end. Even when I didn't understand all the ins and outs of living as a mortal. Or is it being a mortal that makes me an Eeyore?

But if not Eeyore, then who would I be?

Rabbit? Too controlling and self righteous.

Piglet? To timid and afraid.

Pooh Bear? While he is caring and loving, he is too fluff headed. And fat.

Tigger? Too scattered. (He is Brandi's favorite and she is bouncy and happy like he is and I wouldn't have it any other way)

Owl? Smart, but obnoxious and a boring know it all so no one listens to him.

Kanga? She is smart and compassionate, loving and caring. But she is incomplete without Roo.

So I guess I am stuck with Eeyore. but maybe I can be this Eeyore
a little bit more often.

And this is fast becoming one of my favorite songs. I like it even better now that I have seen the video.

And tomorrow you get 2 posts. One is a book review for a blog tour. The other is an announcement.

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Karlene said...

Whenever I start feeling too Eeyore-ish, I listen to this song. It helps.

Noelle said...

Eeyore is my favorite character. :)

Oh...THANKS for the prize!!! :) I don't know if you got my email but I would love something with brown and green!