Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thought from the weekend

*This game was COLD

*Don't try and buy a suit for your future missionary the day after Thanksgiving. There won't be any in his size that he likes. And the salesman at Dillards will try to sell you an ugly $800 suit for $200. Who needs an $800 suit?

*If you are the coach of a soccer team and you have 2 great players that play well together and make a good team and they move the ball down the field and put it in the goal consistently and there is 5 minutes left in the game, why do you take one of them out and put in your worst player? The one that usually misses the ball and when she does kick it it is in a random direction because she doesn't know where her team mates are? Are you really trying to sabatoge your team? Just asking.

*I am not the only one that wonders the above, all the other parents were asking it too. (because I wasn't going to say anything because the player she always takes out is my child.)

*When you see a dead animal on the side of the road, do you ever wonder about their families? I did this weekend. I was wondering how long the left behind animals wonder about the dead one.

*I wonder what the pioneers thought about all the red landscape when they got to Southern Utah. Was it extremely different from their homeland? Did they think it beautiful or weird?

*There is no good (meaning healthy) fast food.

*Why do stores not carry swim suits year round? Do they really think that no one swims in the fall and winter? Have they not heard of indoor pools?

* I got a new phone. Matt & Brandi have been using it non-stop. But not to make phone calls.

*Remember when you got a phone and all it did was call people?

*Overheard, "I have to figure out how to use this new camera." Remember when you used to get a new camera, take it out of the box and just point and shoot? But of course you then had to remember to wind the film, take it out, get it developed, pick it up, hope you had some good pictures....

*I saw the end of the rainbow. But unfortunately the leprechauns had already taken their gold.

*I loved watching soccer this weekend, but am glad to be home.

* I don't have cable and after a weekend of having a bazillion channels and nothing to watch, I won't be getting it anytime soon.

*I hope you all had a great week and a happy holiday.

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