Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bears. Really.

Brandi went with me to the store the other day. She was listening to her iPod and I was listening to a CD. She asked to play a song off of her iPod for me. So she plugged it into the stereo and started the song.

I just looked at her and said, "Really??? I mean you're kidding, right? "

But it has been stuck in my head ever since. And now in the spirit of sharing I will let it be stuck in your head as well.

And in case you miss it at the beginning of the song, there is an entire CD of this available. Really.


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Cami said...

Thanks. I will forever be grateful for the gummy bear song. :P Actually, I found it quite funny. After being accused at work today of being "too chipper" (?) and of the kids loving me too much, it was a welcome relief to hear something light hearted and silly. Although I may not be so grateful an hour from now as I try to sleep and keep seeing that little cowboy gummy bear shaking his booty and singing..."oh Im a gummy bear, yes I'm a gummy bear...!" Lol....Merry Christmas byt he way. :)

ShazBraz said...

That. Was awesome.

tawnya said...

Thanks for the warning to not click play!

Dad Mom said...

Oh! I don't know Tawnya, Sammy would probably like this song. Dad

Noelle said...

Yet another reason that I love Brandi. LOL!!! Thanks!!!

Karlene said...

Oh, my! Why did I give in to curiosity and click that play button?