Monday, December 14, 2009

But to where

Before I get to today's post, some news. Brandi had a soccer game Saturday. The team lost, 4-2, but those 2 goals were both made by Miss B herself. Go Brandi!

Now, to the post.

If I were to say Mother Teresa what would you think of? Probably humanitarian work, service, selflessness or a lot of other synonyms to those words. She has always been one of my heros. A simple woman, not born to greatness who spent her life giving to others, alleviating suffering when and where she could. Her life is one that would be worth emulating.

But it isn't the life I was meant to live. And I am ok with that because I was born to be a mother. And I love being a mother. But I have often felt that I am not giving back enough.

A few years back I was introduced to Choice Humanitarian via this blog post . I thought it sounded like a cool thing to do. And as time passed I began to feel that this was something I would really like to do. I only have 2 problems: to get there

2. what to do with the kids while I am gone, or see the first problem if I take them with me, but multiply it by the number of kids.

So I decided that that is something that would have to be put on hold for a little while. Yet in my heart I keep feeling a pull towards it. And I felt as if I am not doing enough.

Then in one of my classes we had to do a culture plunge and I chose to do my experience with the homeless population. (read about it here.)

Again I felt as if I have too much and give too little.

A few weeks ago I read an amazing book. Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. Aside from the scriptures, this is the most life changing book I have ever read. I borrowed it from the library but will be purchasing it for my home library. It is a book that I feel should be a must read for every single person in the country. The sub title is, One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time

I am not going to go into the book right now because I want to do a blog post in the next couple of days, but my thought process was changed. The way I look at the world is different. And I know that I judge too often and am selfish. I need to learn to love more.

Today. Today the administration rented the local movie theater for collaboration meeting (aka faculty meeting). We watched a movie that portrayed the moral dimensions that are a focus for our school district.* The move we saw is Blindside The story of Michael Oher, an homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family. (and speaking of this movie, if you have seen it, what does Lawerence Taylor have to do with the movie? He is mentioned at the beginning and the end, but there is no tie in and I don't get it)

And I know, KNOW deep down inside that there is something I need to do, but I am not sure what it is. Where it is. Or how to do it. I just know that I am not doing it. There is something pulling me towards a change and every experience in my life is turning me there. Like a needle on a compass. A swallow returning to Capistrano. Monarch butterflies flying home. A lost dog making an incredible journey. A sailor seeking the north star. Pulling, pulling, pulling.

This is more than the fleeting feeling one gets at this time of year, the feeling that is assuaged by giving a donation of food, dropping a quarter in a Salvation Army pot, or playing secret Santa. It feels big and has left me feeling unsettled and restless and with no where to go.

And I know I need to go and do. But to where, and when, and how?

I don't know. Yet.

•Everyone Excels in Thinking, Learning, & Caring
•Focus on Four Essential Questions-
1. What do we expect students to learn?
2. How will we know what students have learned?
3. How will we respond to students who aren't learning?
4. How will we respond to students who already know?
•We believe that through effective collaboration, all students will be given opportunities to learn best at their level. This happens as we differentiate for all learners.
•We invision a team approach as we work together with parents as equal partners.
•We build student character and link our communication with home by using the Achievement Synchrony program.

•We follow as the core of our value system the Moral Dimensions of Education.
1. Enculturating the Young into a Social and Political Democracy
2. Equal Access to Knowledge for All Students
3. Nurturing Pedagogy
4. Stewardship of the School in an Educative Community


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Kay Scott said...

Wow! I will be getting that book. I both hate and get excited about that feeling you are having now, as I know changes in life are coming. Best wishes coming up with yours.

Noelle said...

I agree about the of the best I've ever read.

And I understand completely about the feelings of needing more...

CHOICE, for me, answered that for a lot of years, but things are changing and I'm looking for something more.

I hope you find what it is that will make you whole!!!

Lori Nawyn said...

The book is outstanding.

I've struggled with the same questions. I've been involved with both local and far reaching charitable efforts. Still, I always felt it wasn't enough. I wanted to do more--bigger and better. A few years ago this thought came to mind: many people set out to change the world, but most forget the world is comprised of individuals. Since then I've looked for ways to give to those who are, so to speak, just down the street or around the corner. I've been amazed at the myriad opportunities that unfolded to enrich and bless my life.

Kimberly said...

What a thought provoking post, Sandra. Methinks I need to get a copy of that book.