Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lucky, lucky me

I was getting ready for the day today and lamenting the fact that every single thing takes twice as long as it should. I don't understand that, it is just my foot that is bandaged, but for some reason, it makes getting dressed, moving from room to room, whatever, hard to do.
But then I remembered something. I really am a lucky gal because of a special birthday today. 24 years ago Kristina was born. She and Donovan have been friends for I can't remember how many of those years, it just seems as if she has always been a part of our lives. And 4 years ago I was the lucky mom that got to have her as a daughter in law. No one could ask for a better daughter in law. Thank you for joining our crazy family and bringing such joy into our lives.

I love you and Happy Birthday Sweetie!!

More joy that Kristina has brought into our lives:

Jordan waiting for Santa

Hunter and Brandi as Santa came in

Jordan was mesmerized by Santa

She just watched and watched him

Jordan and Santa

Hunter wasn't so sure at first

Not so bad after all

Brandi and Santa

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Karlene said...

Brandi look absolutely un.im.pressed. ?

Sandra said...

I told her this was the last year for her seeing Santa because she would be too old next year.