Friday, January 1, 2010

I need help

Ok, Christmas is put away. I am doing the obligatory Jan. 1 vacumming and rearranging of the house. You know, moving the furniture, getting the knick knacks back out and all that. Except, I don't think I am going to have the boys get me the box of knick- knacks out just yet. I kind of like having bare surfaces. In fact I may just not get them out again.

But I do need help with one thing. I have pictures. A lot of pictures. In frames. All over. Sometimes they hung on my wall. Or sat on the mantle or a side table. Lately most of them have been stacked against the wall behind the piano because I didn't know where to rehang them after I painted and changed my color scheme. Now I have new, updated pictures and I don't know what to do with the old ones. You know, the old family pictures of the kids, the ones with just me and the girls and Brandi was 3 and we all wore a tiara. Or the ones with the whole family and are not your standard picture book size. Or the ones that are standard size but have a nice frame.

What do I do with them???? Put them in a box and say that some day I'll deal with them. And just how many boxes do I fill before I do something else?

I am seriously looking for ideas because I am clueless here.


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Karlene said...

I missed my window to put Christmas away. All my boxes are in the storage shed--which is blocked by two feet of snow. I may have to keep Christmas up until spring...

As to your pictures, I say pick your absolute favorites and hang them in unique spots. I knew this woman once who had framed art and photos from ceiling to floor. It sounds weird but it was really quite attractive and interesting.

OR you can digitize them and put them in one of those electronic frames that holds a zillion photos and shows them on a rotating basis.

Noelle said...

I'm facing the same dilemma!!!

I'm going to read the suggestions you get and take them to heart!

Happy New Year Sandra!

I think you're amazing!