Saturday, January 23, 2010

A letter

Dear employee of H&R Block in PG Utah,

You have an opinion. Good for you. No matter how misguided or stupid or ignorant that opinion is, you are entitled to it. Why? Because you live in The United States of America. A country whose freedom was bought by the blood of soliders willing to secure and defend that freedom.

Men like my son. Yes the son that you harranged and malined while you were preparing his taxes. Your opinion that it is the U.S. military's fault that we are involved in a war is stupid. Your opinion that the only reason wars are ever fought is because Marines enjoy fighting is ignorant. And your reasoning that we would not be at war today had my sons not joined the military leaves me speechless. I am just glad that it did not leave my son speechless.

While I do not approve of his use of words toward you, I feel that you need to be educated. Obviously you did not pay attention in your history nor your government/citizenship class. If you had paid attention, you would be well aware of the myriad of reasons countries fight wars.

You would also understand that these men don't want to die, but they are willing to because they love freedom so much more than bondage of tyrants. You would understand that they leave the comforts of home and family and newborn babies to live in heat and garbage and constant threat of imminent death to procure, protect and defend your right to be ignorant.

I want to make it clear that while I am upset over your opinion, I do understand that you have the right to that opinion. I also believe that you obviously did not pay attention in your business management classes. Perhaps that is the reason you are no longer a manager at the local pizza place. You have not mastered the concept of the customer always being right.

You see, when you work in a service industry, you have to keep the customer happy and if you are spouting off and criticizing the customer the entire time you are with them, they are not going to be happy and you had better believe they will tell friends and family who will tell, who will tell, who will tell... well you get the idea. You will lose business and then you are not going to be happy because your boss will not be happy.

And I just want you to know that if you worked for me you would not only be stupid, uneducated and ignorant, you would also be unemployed.

Any fool can criticize, complain and condem and most do. Here's your sign.


A proud Marine Mom

Semper Fi

Just a quick update- I just found out that she is in fact newly unemployed. I am sorry for that because this is a tough time to try and find a job. But apparently this is a pattern with her. And I want everyone to understand, while her opinion did anger me, it was her inappropriate conduct that angered me more. It was her unprofessionalism that cost her her job. As my son said- "She talked herself out of a job." and the company has made it right with my son in a manner that was agreeable to both the company and my son.


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ShazBraz said...

Good grief!!! You are kidding me!!!! Did this employees supervisor intervene at all?

Dad Mom said...

Did you send that letter, or just express it in your blog. In any case, hooray for you. Which son?
Love Dad

Sandra said...

i just expressed it in my blog because this just barely took place this afternoon.

Donovan exploded at her and then she started in again and he let her have it again, gathered their paperwork and told them someone else would do the taxes.

It was later that someone intervened- a regional manager I think. I don't want to disclose what they agreed on with the company, just everyone is happy and the employee no longer works for them.

tawnya said...

Ouch. Harsh comment about journalists. I'll admit, I winced at that and it stung.

Sandra said...

Tawnya, I am willing to change it, just give me another profession where that is ok. And I was mad at her and mad at the journalist I had just watched who really did not keep her opinion to herself. I truly felt sorry for the person she was interviewing and I didn't even agree with that person.

tawnya said...

I don't think it's ok at any profession. But that's just me.

I just think that a lovely post about uneducated opinions was sullied by a glaring one by you. Especially when journalism holds up those freedoms you were talking about as well. And the founders felt it was important enough to outline in the constitution protections for us in order to do so.

If you TRULY believe that is what my profession is / does, and that some uneducated general public ranter could take it up like a hobby, then that makes me sad. I went to college for this and never once was taught that it was ok to demean or belittle or yell. Every profession has people who don't do it well - can you tell me you never met a bad teacher? Does that mean all teachers are rotten? Sadly, in addition, my profession also has a new crop of people "trying" to be journalists w/o the background or basic concepts down. It still doesn't make what we do less than or wrong or unnecessary or that an entire profession - of which your sister belongs - should be degraded.

Sandra said...

Tawnya, you are right and I was wrong. I have removed it.

tawnya said...

Thank you.

Karlene said...

Good for you. And good for Donovan. And especially, good for H&R Block who took care of the situation.