Monday, January 11, 2010

A Surprise for Mom

Have you seen these?

They are thick pieces of colored string that

are then dipped in multiple layers of wax.

You can then bend them and unbend them and make

all kinds of things with them.

You can take them with you and they are not messy.

And the wax doesn't get hard and break.

I don't know why, but it doesn't.

We have two sets.

Brandi uses them all the time.

Last night I walked down the hall and saw this

on my bedroom door.

Love that girl.

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shlipea said...

Those are awesome. And so is Brandi. :)

L.Jo said...

K, so the breakroom TV in Florida tended to usually be on the Disney channel or ABC Family, so I saw commercials for Bendaroos (and a bunch of similar stuff) ALL the time. I always wondered if they actually worked . . . I just may have to come down and play with them sometime now! :-)

I don't suppose you've also tried moon sand . . . ? ;-)

Sandra said...

Come and play away. Moon sand is on the list of things to get. Eventually.

Karlene said...

Love those things. We sold them at Humdingers.

Brandi is so sweet.