Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday List

* I saw the podiatrist today for a follow up exam. The reason my foot still hurts and I still feel as if someone beat me on the foot with a baseball bat is because I had a stitch abcess in the wound. One of the internal stitches didn't dissolve and was working its way out. He had to pull it out with tweezers. It hurt. A lot. He wants to see me in 2 weeks to check why my tendons still hurt so much. But he thinks they will be better by then.

*I walked 1 mile on the treadmill after I saw the dr. The wound feels like it is on fire, but I walked.

*We cracked a coconut today. Brandi is in the kitchen trying to take the "strings and hair" off so she can use the shell as a cup.

*I wouldn't let the kids eat all the meat out of the coconut because I am not going to listen them all night.

*I woke up at 1 this morning. I didn't know what woke me up, but I had a hard time going back to sleep. I found out later that there was an earthquake across the lake about the time I woke up.

*I will be doing my internship next school year. I need a paid internship. The principals won't know until March or April what their budgets are or if they can do a paid internship. I asked my principal to keep it in mind. I also e-mailed my old principal from the jr. high to see the possibility of a paid internship with his counseling department. He is going to be the principal at a brand new, just opening this fall school. He said he would let me know. I really need a paid internship. Paid interns get 1/2 of a regular salary and benefits. And if I do an internship at a new school, the chance of staying on full time after the internship ends is huge.

Truly, I don't care where I do my internship, I just need it to be a paid internship.

*I am going to go read for class now.


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Dad Mom said...

I hope it is feeling better now. I got the Nativity. Love Mom

Sandra said...

Yes it is feeling a bit better. I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill this afternoon. It kind of stings now, but that will go away in time. Mostly it is the healing tendons.

Yay for the nativity. Have you decided where you are going to put it?

Dad Mom said...

I have no idea. Maybe I'll have to build a house so I have something to decorate for Christmas, as I've also gotten some more ornaments on sale.