Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's going on

* I hate this class, hate the way it is being taught, hate that there is nothing but negative communication from the teacher to everyone in the class. Hate that we are scheduled to have her again in June. We are so going to petition the university to change teachers for the next class.

The good side? Only 3 more class periods in this class. And tonight I have already finished my homework and turned it in. And finished reading all 3 chapters. And finished my part of the group paper for the week. So basically I have a sort of free evening. Maybe I'll go to bed early tonight.

*When I took Brandi to soccer practice tonight, we passed a house that had an animal tied up in the front yard. I probably would not have noticed it at all if it had been a dog. It was a cow. If we hadn't been a smidge late I would have stopped an taken a picture. If it is there next week I'll take a picture for you. It gave us a good laugh.

*We had two full time counselor openings at the school. The assistant principal told me the principal wanted to make sure I applied. I guess because I am only a year away from graduating, I could be hired on a provisional contract. So I applied. Then the assistant principal set up an interview time for me for the next day. Then she changed it to the same day after school. Then she came into my office and changed the time for right now! Hey, good thing I am flexible, because a counselor has to be flexible.

Now- I need to give you a little background- 1) I need an internship, preferably a paid internship. 2) the district say there is not enough money for an internship even though student numbers wise we qualify for one, 3) we have two interns right now - one of them is in place of a full time, one is in an intern position- we have one full time retiring at the end of the year- hence the two openings which everyone know are going to the two interns but whatever, the principal wanted me to apply, and he was going to the district to fight for us an internship.

The interview committe consisted of the two counselors that would be remaining and the man that will be our new principal next year and the intern principal (so she could get practice interviewing). I thought the interview went well. But Friday the intern principal called me into her office to let me know that the positions would be going to the two interns. But I knew that and let her know that I thought that maybe we had gotten an internship. No didn't happen.

What she did tell me, though, was that if she had had a say in it, she would have picked me over one of the interns. She also told me that when canidates leave the interview, the committee goes over the interview and say why they shouldn't hire that person. She told me that the only thing anyone could think of to say after my interview was nothing. I was perfect.

But here is the dealio- By law the district has to post every single job and interview for it even if they already know who they want to hire. When I worked for the jr. high I switched positions at the school and it had to be posted and I had to apply and had to "interview" for the new position even though the principal asked me to change. So they had already decided before my interview that they were going to offer the job to the interns already at the school.

Now I am back to trying to find a paid internship and there are none to be found- at this time- in the district. But the new principal has said that I can stay in the position I am in and get my intern hours as I can over in the counseling center. Now we just need to figure it out. Unless the district finds some money for an internship somewhere between now and Aug. 23.

And now I am going to help Brandi with her math homework and then I am going to bed.

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